About Us

Our Staff

Tria Napier, Office Manager/Receptionist

Tria has been with Stanton Animal Hospital since 1992, and has worked in nearly every part of the hospital, from ward attendant, to receptionist, to office manager. Prior to working for Stanton Animal Hospital, she was a preschool teacher in Lincoln, Arkansas for 6 years. When not at work, Tria likes to work out and spend time with her four wonderful children, Keith, Ryan, Katelyn, and Brittney.

Keith Napier, Office Manager and Veterinary Technician

Keith has been with the Stanton Animal Hospital team since 2011. He started out as a ward attendant, however, now you will find him assisting our doctors in surgery. Keith grew up on a small farm in Morrow, Arkansas. In his free time, Keith likes wood working and spending time outdoors with his wife, Rachel, whom he met while working at Stanton Animal Hospital.

Kody Hunt, Veterinary Assistant

Kody has been with Stanton Animal Hospital since 2019. He is a long-time native of Springdale, Arkansas where he currently lives there with his precious pets: a dog named Zeva, a cat named Lily, and a kitten named Stache. In his free time, he likes to do anything outdoors but especially enjoys fishing any local creeks or hunting. Kody has a background in a variety of different fields such as the food industry, oil field work, and sales but has found one that he knows he’ll stick with here at Stanton Animal Hospital.

Questin Scott, Veterinary Assistant

Questin has also been with Stanton Animal Hospital since 2019. He and Kody started at the same time and have been work buddies ever since. He has a spunky, sweet Australian shepherd/border collie named Ollie who loves to come to work with him and greet the other animals. Questin is a big fan of the Kansas City Chiefs and spends his time watching football, reading, playing video games, and entertaining Ollie.

Katelyn Napier, Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant

Katelyn joined her brother and mom as part of the Stanton Animal Hospital family in 2015. She is a receptionist but also assists the veterinarians and helps train new staff members. She is excellent at client communication. Katelyn loves the color purple, fostering cats/kittens, traveling, cooking, shopping, and spending time with her boyfriend Shay + pets. She shares her home with 2 cats Turk and Lanie, 2 adorable Pit bulls Que and Smok and 1 precious bully puppy Kapone. Katelyn is expecting her first human child in May of 2023!!

Reagan Miller, Receptionist

Reagan joined the Stanton Animal Hospital team in May of 2020, having now worked a total of 5 years in the veterinary field. She is a full-time student and is currently working towards becoming a certified veterinary technician. She lives here in Fayetteville with her cute kitty cats: Frog and Shanks + her handsome German Shepherd West. Cooking, watching the Dallas Cowboys beat the Chiefs, and playing soccer are just a few ways she enjoys spending her free time.

Finn Sawyer, Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant

Finn has been working at Stanton Animal Hospital since the summer of 2021. She is a pre-veterinary student at the University of Arkansas and a Fayetteville native. We know she will make a great vet one day but for now she spends her time studying and helping us take care of clients + patients. Finn has been dancing since she was 2 years old. She loves to spend her time doing ballet, roller skating, and playing video games. She shares her home with her human family, a tortoise named Dump, and 4 dogs: Doc, Beast, Dodger, and Wylie.

Astrid Adrian, Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant

Astrid has been working as both an assistant and a receptionist in our clinic since summer of 2020. She also doubles as an assistant at the local emergency clinic. Astrid is a full time pre-veterinary student at the University of Arkansas as well. Between studying, working 2 jobs, and finishing her application for veterinary school she doesn’t have a ton of free time but enjoys traveling, reading, spending time outside and music. Astrid is also fluent in Spanish which has been such an asset to our team. We will be sad to see her leave for veterinary school but so happy to see her pursue the next step in her career!

Jay Marshall, Veterinary Assistant

Jay has been a loyal member of our animal care team for 2 years. He joined us at an early age and is now a senior at Fayetteville Highschool. He is sharp, courteous, hard-working, and super attentive towards our patient’s needs. We are so grateful to have him after school, over holidays, and during the summer. Jay enjoys biking, watching movies, swimming, hanging out with his friends, and playing ball with his American Pit bull terrier in his free time. He hopes to pursue a career in business one day.